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Developer: ClerecSoft
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Many people have begged me (and attempted to blackmail me...) to make a launcher, well I finally did it!Icons for your apps are converted to monochrome, to fit into the LCARS-style as seen in Star Trek TNG/VOY and some of DS9. When making a contact you can pick between various COMM badge icons.It supports widgets and Live Wallpapers, folders, contacts, regular shortcuts so far and I plan to do more (specifically a toggles sliding bar)
The LCARS UI and Dialer are not required to use this launcher, but the launcher will work better with them.The UI can be used to replace the Android keyboard and web browser while within the launcher itself (not other apps) and the Dialer is used to select contacts (otherwise you have to type the name/number in manually when making a contact)
Please send suggestions and any issues (with as much info as possible! Telling me "X doesn't work" literally tells me nothing, which is very hard to fix) by clicking "Contact Developer"I am not affiliated in any way with CBS or Paramount